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Getting to Know You

I want to make sure your photoshoot is as amazing and unique as you are.


Amy by Sara Ranlett Portraits

Before every photoshoot, we’ll have a phone call or a coffee date where we get to know each other, talk about how you want to be photographed, why, and maybe even start a vision board for your shoot! Sometimes it’s easier to gather your inspiration from images you’ve seen (who hasn’t struggled to find the right words?), and I absolutely encourage dreaming big.

It may sound cheesy, but I want you to feel like the hero of your own story. Your photoshoot is going to be amazing, a little silly, electrifying and sure, maybe even a little nerve wracking at the beginning! But I believe the best photoshoots are the ones that elevate you up to a new plane where you feel like the most beautiful, strongest, best version of yourself.

So take a deep breath, you’ve got this.

Preparing for your Photoshoot

I want to make this part as fun as possible for you, and I’ll send you a full checklist of what to bring, a Style Guide, and a timeline of how to plan for your photoshoot!

A few examples of how to prepare yourself:

  • Give yourself a manicure (pedicures too for the boudoir babes out there!)

  • Go shopping; think of this as an opportunity to play dress up, get the dress you’ve been eyeing, go full out on yourself!

  • Polish your jewels; have an amazing engagement or wedding ring you’d like to show off? Make sure it’s sparkling!

I’m always a text or email away if you need help deciding. I want you to feel comfortable, confident and beautiful at your photoshoot. I recommend planning for at least 3-4 different outfits, and remember your accessories!

Stephanie by Sara Ranlett Portraits

Professional Hair & Makeup


Hair & Makeup is included with every photoshoot (except for my Digital Collection), provided by two talented and amazing professionals. They'll listen to how you want your hair and makeup to be applied, and elevate your beauty. We want to give you the full celebrity experience, so sit back, relax and let yourself be pampered.


Fully Guided Photoshoot

After your hair & make-up are done, you’re all zipped up and accessories on, I'll start photographing and guiding you through your photoshoot. There's no need for you to worry about how to pose, or being "non-photogenic" when I’m your photographer. I'm an expert at finding the right lighting, poses and expressions to make everyone who steps in front of my camera look their absolute best. 

After your photoshoot, your hair & make-up will be done, you'll be looking and feeling gorgeous... I encourage you to make a whole night of it! Whether it's going to dinner with your significant other, or having a best friends night out, go and have a blast.


  • I have three amazing photoshoot packages, and the average investment is $1,200 with photos, wall art, and albums.

  • I fully believe your photos should be held & seen, not living forever on your computer! Which is why every package comes with both the digital files, and beautifully printed photos. I print all my photos using businesses with years of experience working with professional photographers like me to give you the highest quality art possible, to truly make your images last a lifetime.

  • I offer payment plans that are flexible for every budget; if you want to pay off your work over a month, two, six? We’ll make it happen.

Want something a little different? I offer Fine Art Photoshoots and Destination photoshoots, where we go out of the box, far far from Seattle and truly create something one of a kind. Since I create all of these packages from scratch, I truly have no quotes or prices for these. Message me today and I’ll create a personalized photoshoot, and give you a quote for all of the magic.

If you’re a business, blogger or you’d like just like to work on a project together, please contact me for a price list for those services!

If you’re ready to book, or if you have any questions about the photoshoot process, please send me a message!

Because I want to make your photoshoot experience as amazing & non-stressful as possible. You’re going to look incredible, feel confident and I’m here to help. 

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Did you have a photoshoot date in mind?