Exist in Photos

"Exist in photos!"

This is a phrase I say repeatedly, to my friends, family, and to you! But just what does it mean?

Existing in photos means stepping in front of the camera, or turning around your phone to smile and document your life right at that moment, to have images you can hold and look back on years from now. From photobooth pictures on a first date, to portraits to celebrate an engagement, to wedding photos and family vacation photo albums, we use photos to tell a story of our lives together, to keep telling that story for generations. Even the little moments are special, from discovering a new playground for the kids, sharing a romantic dinner with your significant other, or enjoying an ice cream cone on the beach during summer. Life is made up of moments, and existing in photos will let you remember those moments forever. 

The Cress Family by Sara Ranlett Photography
Marsha & Brenden by Sara Ranlett Photography
Maitland and Jane by Sara Ranlett Photography

I tell women to exist in photos not only for their family, but for themselves! To celebrate their body, their triumphs, their very existence on this planet, step in front of the camera and be unapologetically authentic & beautiful. Have gorgeous photos of yourself to look back on and say "Damn, I've still got it!".

Jane by Sara Ranlett Photography
Mariah by Sara Ranlett Photography
Lena by Sara Ranlett Photography

Exist in photos today, for your family & for yourself.

It would be my honor to photograph you, let's get in touch and get you booked for your very own glamour photoshoot and existing in photos today.

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