Fairy Tale in the PNW

I’ve always loved the illustrations in fairy tales; beautiful watercolors and fresco’s depicting our tragic damsels, looking for their happy ending. I wanted to try to bring some of that imagery to life, and what better place to evoke a feeling of far-off fantasy than here in the Emerald City? We have so many gorgeous parks, with vast & lush woods, I knew I wouldn’t need to look far for a place for our princess.

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Reflecting on a Decade

Over the past decade, I’ve been honing my craft, trying to listen to what my heart really wants to be working on, and I 100% can see the evolution of my photography.
I wanted to share with you that journey, to show you all that time, hard work, passion and WORK can get you far.

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Sara RanlettComment
Forest Glamour

I’ve always been attracted to the romanticism, the wonder and beauty of our forests. I grew up reading fairy tales, storybooks where characters had the most marvelous adventures outside.

So with so many beautiful woodlands to explore so close to home, I knew I just had to bring some of that magic to life.

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Glam The Streets

My "Glam the Streets" photoshoots are all about stepping out into an urban setting looking like you're on your way to the red carpet. I think there's something so romantic, and so intriguing about posing in a beautiful ballgown on the steps of a brownstone or in a gorgeous park. Where would you like to be photographed?

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Fine Art Portraits

I'm thrilled to open the world of Fine Art portraits to my clients to book for their own photoshoots. A Fine Art Portrait photoshoot offers much more to the imagination than a customary portrait photoshoot with me. In a Fine Art Portrait photoshoot, we really push for beauty & creativity overload. From anything from dancing in pointe shoes with an elegant tulle skirt, to floating in mid-air in an exquisite gown, surrounded by twinkle lights.

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