Sara Ranlett Portraits




My name is Sara Ranlett, and I'm a contemporary portrait, fine art and fashion photographer.


I take inspiration for my photoshoots from dozens of different sources; from fairy tales & fables, classic Hollywood beauty, the flowers at the local market, to just a feeling I want to invoke, inspiration truly can strike me anywhere. It’s what makes me more so excited to get behind the camera; to make something truly beautiful, and one of a kind. Something that makes you stop in your tracks, and go, “WOW.”

And I can give that to you in your photoshoot.

Whether we’re walking through the forest for a fairy tale inspired photoshoot, in a gorgeous brick studio with the fire roaring for a boudoir photoshoot, I want to take the best portrait you’ve ever had of yourself. I want to give you the power of looking in the mirror and seeing what we all do;
you’re absolutely stunning.

More About Me

  • I’ve lived in Seattle my whole life! It’s hard for me to imagine another place as home, but every summer here does make me seriously consider moving somewhere a little bit cooler. I’ve always dreamed of something over in England!

  • I have an amazing husband, two kittens who are the cutest things on earth, and an older cat is equal parts affectionate and grumpy.

  • I’m a Gryffindor, through and through.

  • Favorite musical acts; Dio, Ghost, Iron Maiden, Hall & Oates, Queen

  • My Achilles heel when it comes to junk food…Cheez It’s!


I’ve been published in multiple magazines over the years! Here are the ones I’m most proud of.